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To get the name of the MySQL server current time zone, we need to write the query in Figure 5. The output shows ‘PDT’ my time zone when the server launched which is the abbreviation of Pacific Daylight Time. Setting the time zone in MySQL. As we see in the previous sections, a MySQL time zone can be stored in two forms. default-time-zone='03:00' Change by running the mysql query. Firstly, to see your database current timezone, we can use the following query. To Update the Global Timezone; SELECT @@global.time_zone; This query’s result will show your current timezone. To reconfigure it, you should run the following query after updating according to your need. How to Change MySQL Server Time Zone. In this article, we can discuss about how to change the MySQL server time zone. To change the time zone of your MySQL server, please follow the below steps. 1 Login to your server via SSH as root user. 2 You can find current MySQL server time zone via executing the following command. Setting the MySQL timezone per connection Posted in MySql - Last updated Jan. 01, 2009. There may be instances when you need to set your MySQL database to a different timezone from the one the server is in, but only for a specific website or application.

In this blog post, I will demonstrate the simple method which I use to detect Timezone of the server I am connected with the current session. Run following script in against your MySQL server: SELECT @@system_time_zone; It will return the result set with the name of your Timezone. Checking Time Zones in SQL Server Posted on January 13, 2017 by blobeater I was building some basic queries around time zone manipulation and I am happy to say that I enjoyed myself as I found a way to get a time based on a geographic region. This package contains time zone description tables which can be used with the MySQL server by users whose systems do not include zoneinfo files e.g. Microsoft Windows, HP-UX.

While Bryon's answer is helpful, I'd just add that his link is for PHP timezone names, which are not the same as MySQL timezone names. If you want to set your timezone for an individual session to GMT1 UTC1 to be precise just use the string '01:00' in that command. Problem is, I can't tell MySQL to store one timezone in one column and another timezone in another column. It uses a fixed, implied timezone. Of course I could do timezone calculations myself, but then again, there's no point in using utc_timestamp if I can format my regular timestamp as anything.

SQL Server made modifications in 2005 onward where the internal timezone is saved in UTC. This was largely due to geo-replication and HA projectors involving log shipping, and having the log shipping times saved in different time zones made it impossible for the old method to restore them. It is also advisable to store dates and times in UTC format on our on-premises SQL Server instances, and handle all time zone calculations at the presentation layer. Sometimes though, it may be necessary to query data directly and see what the local date and time is,.

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