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Yandere-Chan Yandere Wiki Fandom.

Jugar a Yandere Simulator Mini. Yandere Simulator tiene como protagonista a una colegiala llamada Yandere-Chan. Yandere es un término que engloba a personas aparentemente cariñosas y gentiles pero que, en determinadas circunstancias, se vuelven muy violentas. Concretamente estos personajes cambian de personalidad cuando sus expectativas. Yandere-chan Editar "Ayano Aishi es la protagonista de Yandere Simulator. Es conocida como "Yandere-chan" entre los jugadores, y sus compañeros de clase le han otorgado el lindo apodo de "Yan-chan". Por la mayor parte de su vida, Ayano fue completamente incapaz de sentir emociones. Info-chan is a main character in Yandere Simulator who currently attends Akademi High School. She is Ayano Aishi's main source of help and information, performing several tasks such as introducing rivals to Ayano. She also provides Ayano with items and scheme walkthroughs in exchange for panty. Ayano Aishi, được biết đến là Yandere-chan, là 1 trong những Nhân vật chính của Yandere Simulator. Mục đích của cô trong trò chơi là loại bỏ 10 đối thủ có tình cảm với Senpai YandereDev muốn đặt tên cho cô với chữ "Yan" ở trong. Anh ấy sau đó nghĩ ra cái tên Ayano vì cái. You could all do these things by pressing the "Contribute" button on the top right corner of the wiki. Of course, if you want to edit a page, you can visit the page and press the "Edit" button on the top left of the page. Yandere Simulator isn't a finished game, so the wiki needs constant.

01/08/2019 · My theory is that, The Mission Mode is and alternate Universe of Yandere Simulator where Ayano didn’t have feelings for Senpai and Info-Chan told Ayano to kill only certain stidents. The first one Ayano had to kill was Senpai. Info-Chan and Ayano where doing the murdering for a year until Nemesis came. My theory to Nemesis is that. Find the hottest yan-chan stories you'll love. Read hot and popular stories about yan-chan on Wattpad.

This page is for cutscene commands modding with the posemode by kgftbz. This page is allowed to be modified only if the adjustment is correct and positive. Looking for Yandere Simulator Wallpapers? This is the page you want! Even though it’s not horror-themed, Yandere Simulator has a new minigame today. I’ve uploaded a new build of the game containing this new feature, along with a bunch of bug fixes. Overall, there isn’t much new content in this build, but that’s because I was spending all of my time on Osana/Raibaru. Enjoy Razzbowski play with Yandere Update, Yandere CHARACTERS, Yandere Simulator Gameplay, & More!

We're in Yandere Simulator! Fanfiction Y/N= your name S/N= your Littlesister name You and your sister mainly love to play yandere simulator. Your little sister love's her favorite yandere yan-chan. And how she will always help her win senpai heart since she believe there cute toget. It was another end of a school day and Y/N was just waiting for her boyfriend by the school gates. She wasn't waiting long until she heard someone walking closer to her. At first she thought it was her boyfriend, but when she look over to the person she saw it was really Yandere-chan. She said to Y/N that her boyfriend was at the back of. Yandere Simulator § ] is a indie stealth game for PC that explores the tropes and clichés associated with the Yandere character archetype. Its protagonist is a high-school girl, the titular "Yandere-chan" real name Ayano "Yan-chan" Aishi, who until recently felt completely empty, unable to experience the normal range of human emotions. I'm a student and I started to play yandere in april 2015! Good luck Kokona I'm coming! My setup: Intel I7 6700k, GTX 1080, 16GB ram If you would like to con.

Yandere Simulator Wiki Fandom.

Ayano Aishi, mainly known by her alias, Yandere-chan, is a student at Akademi High School, as well as the protagonist and antagonist of Yandere Simulator. "Ayano Aishi is the protagonist of Yandere Simulator. She is known as "Yandere-chan" to players of the game, and has been given the cute. I understand! Just remember in the final game u will be able to kill Raibaru since Osana is the tutorial rival. But for the sake of making the demo interesting she will be invincible to take down by direct attacks. 01/04/2019 · it says that yandere sim has evolved to its final and permanent form. please don’t tell me that Yandere sim is gone forever and now we have Mandere sim. The game made sense with yan chan but now with the new protag it looks weird and just doesn’t feel the same without Ayano. Please change this. Ayano needs her senpai. Not this muscle man! Today we play the new Yandere Simulator Sanity build and it turns out that not even senpai is safe from Yandere Chan Love anime? Get akibento Today! - This link is a referral link and helps the channel out if you YAN CHAN. 15/08/2019 · Fixed bug that would cause a delinquent to repeatedly say his “shoving Yandere-chan away” voiced lines if he came near Yandere-chan while she was in a conversation with someone. Replaced the “teacher counters attack” animation with a new one. The original animation was weird, it looked like something an anime villain would do.

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